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The eXPert Team is a non-profit site trying to revive Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and it's components. This project started way back in May 2018 and I hosted the page on Neocities, but since I wanted more storage and the ability to use other formats then HTML, so in February 2019 I asked my friend TReKiE/Jonathan Kay if it's possible to host my site on my main computer, he said yes ,BUT i need a DNS so people would be able to view it and Jonathan made one for me. The first day of hosting my site went very weel until.. my Mother wasn't happy of the computer running all night and day so he UnPluged my computer from the ower source. I wasn't very happy, obviously, so I though about getting my good ol' Atom 230 computer that was our Family's first computer that was slow and reeaally dusty. I've replaced the dead CMOS and DVD drive with brand new ones and I wiped the old Windows XP install and installed Server 2003 Standard edition. The server was in the other room running almost quite, sure it had a few UnPlugs, but everything was fine, and here we are today.

         I would like to thank he following people who contributed to the site:

         TreKiE/Jonathan Kay