How to update Root certificates under Windows XP


Since circa 2014 Microsoft broke the Root certificate updating on XP. But with a simple fan-made program you can update them! Thanks toHeinoganda for making it.Firstdownload the updater and extract it. After you downloaded it we only need “Cert_Updater_v1.6.exe” in this case. Run it and click “Yes” on the dialog box that comes up:

After you wait until it download the latest Roots until you get this window:

Your all done, the latest certificates have now been installed 🙂

Skype 7 is at it’s end


Lately people started seeing these messages when launching Skype 7 on XP and Vista:

(image by i430VX)
Even Windows 7 and later users have been having these problem and sometimes even force upgraded without their permission! Microsoft is really having a hard time upgrading us to Skype 7, Like they said that it will end on September 1st, but users were angry about it ending so they “extended support” until November 1st for desktop users and November 15th for mobile users. That didn’t happen either and moving to 2019 they said it will end January 8th, but still no shutdown. Moving to circa March-April Skype 7 users were unable to connect in some countries, mine was still working (i hope Microsoft Lithuania has Skype servers at all :P) and until recently i was unable to login! I can say Skype 7 is officially dead, but still barely working in some countries…

Skype 7 blocked from signing in but you can still use older versions

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