Since Java 8 Update 161/162 they broke the installers to prevent it to install on XP x86 (x64 is not affected) Well, I found a great solution for this problem to be solved!
If you don’t have Java already installed on your machine Download it. Please ignore this when installing it:

After you finished installing it download and extract it. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Java and we will have jre1.8.0_152 in there.

Go to your extracted jre1.8.0_212 folder and copy everything what is in it to the jre1.8.0_152 folder and confirming to override everything. After you’ve done it you can check if Java is working in “About Java”

NOTE: Java updates DO NOT work on XP since they broke it in Java 8 Update 161/162 and never fixed it! I will try my best to update the download links of this post when a new Java update is available.