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About Nojus.trexion.com

"Nojus.trexion.com" is a personal site found by a Lithuanian guy, Nojus (Known Online as Nojus2001) and is dedicated on documenting, maintaining and supporting the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems. Originally launched in December 2018.


It all started in the middle of November 15, 2018. I was just doing my stuff and since I was really into Windows XP at the time, came up with an idea to share my knowledge by creating a site. The only snapshot available on the WayBack Machine reveals that the site at that time was hosted by a Free Service "Neocities". It only offered 1 Gigabyte of storage, limiting only to image, HTML files with the Free Plan. I was thinking about hosting the site on my Hardware, but the fact my parents where mostly against it, I still did it. At first it was hosted on my Personal Computer, a Lenovo ThinkCentre m58p, they didn't allow me to keep it up 24/7, as there would be conflicts about it and at the end it would get UnPlugged... I lost motivation to host it anymore and ONLY a month has passed! BUT THEN! I got an idea! What about "converting" another PC that was laying in the basement? The idea wasn't bad, though the machine needed some parts like a Brand New DVD Drive and CMOS battery, I got them all in a week or so and it was back up and running once again Operating now as a "Server". Now we needed to transfer everything from my desktop to the "Server", but for some dumb reasons I deleted everything and started all fresh again. Yet, I didn't lost everything. The operation with it was on April 24, 2019, with a new design that was ripped from JonathanKay.com and wasn't good enough. Then in Summer of 2019 things where going well, my parents didn't really care about it and the UpTime has gotten better. In September the Server started failing again after ~5 days or more of UpTime, I though it was Bad Ram, failing HDD or something else, but The Issue was the Power Supply, It had burned and had some smell from it, well it got replaced since I had one laying around from another computer in good condition and once again we where back. In October the WebSite, got a new (Re)Design with a sleek look, pretty much the best design ever made for the site And that's the story of how this website got a real thing. In February, 2020 the site got it's name changed to Nojus' Personal site.


I would like to thank the Following People who contributed to this site:

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